The Dirty Charms

What do you get when you combine alums of Pittsburgh garage-rock bands with an import from Oslo? The Dirty Charms, a South Side-based group that sounds like the Beach Boys meeting Iggy Pop and the Stooges in the 1970s.

It was essential that The Dirty Charms have the word "dirty" in the name because what the band plays is dirty old rock 'n' roll, inspired by their love of such bands as The Faces and New York Dolls.

The "Charms" part would refer to the sweeter side.

Either way they have decades of experience at it, having played for a Who's Who of Pittsburgh bar bands. The Dirty Charms started playing out in the fall of 2010 with frontman Trym Killi (The Hi-Speeds), guitarist Darryl Van Zant (Torn 'N Frayed), bassist Rocky Lamonde (Cosmosonics, Science Fiction Idols) and drummer Angelo Amantea (Cosmosonics, The Cheats, Ultimatics, the Addicts).

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